Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Shares Traditionally Taboo Topic Advice Regarding Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality During "The LOVE Event," an International Virtual Conference Founded by Bernardo Moya

Findlay, Ohio -

September 2022, 9th, 10th & 11th, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Shares Traditionally Taboo Topic Advice Regarding Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality During "The LOVE Event," an International Virtual Conference Founded by Bernardo Moya.

Additionally, a plethora of 60+ more excellent speakers, influential leaders, and notable influencers share the stage to share about love topics ranging from personal relationships to mental focus to business models or businesses that support love to sexual intimacy.

Reserve a premium online ticket today at https://hotm.art/TheLoveEventSmile

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, International Speaker, The LOVE Event

This event looks at the world through the lens of love rather than fear to highlight love conversations, give kudos to kind people, and carry out acts of kindness. Fundamentally to create awareness and educate people around the challenges of the XXIst century.

The confirmed speakers include Marisa Peer, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Ken Honda, Dr. John DeMartini, Robert Wyland, Dr. Darcy, Narij Naik, Ken' Dr. Smiley' Rochon, Robert Mack, Dannella Burnett, Greg Reid, and Barbie Leyton.

With dynamic talks and engaging panels, this is an event not to miss. Reserve a premium online ticket today at https://hotm.art/TheLoveEventSmile

Bernardo Moya shares, "On life's journey, on our route to do great things, to accumulate material belongings, there is a loss of focus on what is really important, Love. The world with all its complexities, challenges, and uncertainties requires all of us to find more ways to connect, explore what brings us together, empathize with those in need, to become kinder. To become more conscious."

"As a founder, event promoter, author, and especially a man, love and discussing love has been too much of a private conversation. We must find ways to become better humans to elevate our consciousness. That's the intention of The Love Event."

Bernardo Moya, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, and the other speakers are passionate about pursuing a life of love. They hope to increase personal happiness by bringing people together in love. In sharing love, they have experienced that undoubtedly a person will desire to pay their love forward, too.

Other speakers include Allison Maya Rose Rogers, Robert Mack, Sara Davison, Jessa Carter, Diana Wentworth, Jen Du Plessis, David Chametzky, David Fagan, Jen Du Plessis, Dr.Simi, Michelle Jewsbury, Diana von Welanetz Wentworth, Ken Honda, Kim Serafini, Mas Sajady, Dame Doria Cordova, Darcy Sterling, Gunther Mueller, Nate Zeleznick, Caroline Cory, Moe Rock, Jim Poole, Isabel Donadio, Emme Sajady, Krystylle Richardson, Francess, Simi Ahuja, Joe Kasper, Todd Ovokaitys, Chad Allen, Marianna Alfa, Mort Orman, and Rich Kozak.

With dynamic talks and engaging panels, this is an event not to miss. Reserve a premium online ticket today at https://hotm.art/TheLoveEventSmile

Even more, speakers include Lori Marini, Shiraz Baboo, Suzanne Raja, Satyen Raja, Kayla Osterhoff, Ken Ashby, Maris Segal, Michelle Patterson, Loretta Wetzel, Caramie Ann, Moirar Leveille, Marvell Hansford, Gerald Rogers, Whitney Diamond, Jasmine Wardlaw, Jennifer Mahoney, Adora Evans, Camille Robb, Shmiko Cole, Allyn Evans, Nina Maglic, Kessa Gooden, Angela Legh, Krystylle Richardson, Alana Aviel, Parchelle Tashi, Richard Kaye, and Rose Santiago.

"When you give love, you smile; when you smile, you feel loved and generate more smiles by sharing love forward," shares Dr. Adams-Miller.

This commonality of love, happiness, and smiles reunited business peers Bernardo Moya and Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller who had seen each other since prior to COVID. Therefore, Dr. Adams-Miller supports their newly created strategic partnership through publicity and connection by inviting others to join Moya's events.

Believing that running her business from love is the key to success, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, The Dream Maker, CEO of TheREDCarpetConnection, international publicity, sponsorship acquisition, and talent agency; and IgniteYourRelationships.com, learned early on that putting the sizzle in your relationships is the superpower in making dreams come true. Therefore, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller with her candid heartfelt authentic approach was invited to share advice regarding traditionally taboo topics regarding love, intimacy, and sexuality.

Dr. Adams-Miller shares candid thoughts based on her 30 years of relationship consulting, academics, and research on Day 2 | Saturday, September 10th from 3:30 pm to 4:00 pm EST | "Taboo Sex Topics Expert Panel "Rated R" (Sophisticated Sex Conversations for the Curious)" with Host: Dr. Darcy and Guests Panelists: Satyen Raja, Suzanne Raja, and Dr. Andrea Adams Miller.

Desiring to give to others so they can increase the love in their life, Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller is also offering attendees a free gift, an eBook, Putting the Sizzle Back in Your Relationship: 30 Tips for Dating, Relationships, and Sexuality. Receive a free ecopy at www.IgniteYourRelationship.com

With dynamic talks and engaging panels, this is an event not to miss. Reserve a premium online ticket today at https://hotm.art/TheLoveEventSmile

About Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller: Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, named The Dream Maker by her high-level clients, owns multiple businesses. As an award-winning relationship consultant and international radio show host, she is the CEO of IgniteYourRelationships.com and TheREDCarpetConnection.com.

As an Award-Winning International Publicist & Sponsorship Acquisitionist who manifests her clients' dreams bigger than they ever dared possible. Just imagine how life positively shifts when messages, services, and products are known worldwide.

She shared the stage with Sir Anthony Hopkins, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Sharon Lechter, Brian Tracy, and more as an energy whirlwind. She's appeared on 20/20, CNN, E! News, and over 2500 radio shows.

As a personal and business relationship consultant, super connector, and influencer, she has the authority, believability, and credibility to put you in the limelight, set up partnerships & acquire funding.

Focused on emotional and mental high performance, Dr. Andrea has earned three PhDs in Theology, Public Health, and the Study of Entreprenology. Additionally, she holds certifications as a Master Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, and as a Neurofeedback and Biofeedback Practitioner.

Running the nonprofit as the Executive Director, she also founded the nonprofit organization TheKeepSmilingMovement.org based on the dreams and desires of cofounders Ken "Dr. Smiley" Rochon and Barry Shore who brought smiles into Dr. Andrea's life. A mental and dental health organization, they save lives with smiles by creating a DOSE of HOPE to be resilient no matter the challenge. They manifest this by publishing stories of resiliency; handing out Keep Smiling cards; taking photos of smilers with Keep Smiling cards; referrals to mental, dental, wealth, and other social services and organizations, supporting other organizations, and funding special projects.

She lives on an Ohio farm with her husband, Tom. With three adult daughters, Destiny, Devony, & Demiya, she loves being Glamma to Mavis, 6, and Warren, 3.

To book her for one's stage, workshop, radio show, podcast, or blog, contact her at www.TheREDCarpetConnection.com AndreaAdamsMiller@TheREDCarpetConnection.com 419-722-6931

About Bernardo Moya: Bernardo Moya, Founder of The Best You and The Love Event. He is a 30+ year entrepreneur, author, speaker, publisher, TV producer, and seminar promoter. He has unrivaled experience in the world of self-health. He is the architect behind the UK's biggest annual personal and professional development event, The Best You Expo held in London and California.


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