Craig Roofing Publishes Spring Roof Maintenance Checklist

Akron, Ohio based Craig Roofing recently published a blog post that contains spring roof maintenance tips which could help homeowners ensure that their roof is in excellent condition during this time of year. The article explains how a homeowner may examine a roof for damage and what signs to look out for. With summer rapidly approaching, they assert that this is a good time to check the roof for damage and perform any necessary maintenance. With the help of Craig Roofing’s spring roof maintenance blog post, homeowners will be well informed regarding almost anything to do with roof maintenance.

“Now that warm weather is upon us, it’s time for you to have your roof inspected to ensure it’s in tip top shape for the months ahead,” the blog post says. “Although you probably see your roof everyday, it might get pushed to the back burner by things like your landscaping, garage and other house projects. Taking a day and following this Spring Roof Checklist will help keep your roof in healthy condition and point out small issues that should be addressed sooner rather than later. Rainfall and storms, debris from trees, and hot sunny days are all common causes of roof damage, but using this checklist will help you prevent costly roof repairs!”

The first recommendation on the checklist is to inspect the attic. Often, homeowners are unaware of just how much they could find by taking a look around their attic. Small leaks, water damage, rotten wood, mold or mildew, holes in the roof and extreme humidity are all issues that are incredibly easy to discover by taking a look around the attic, and discovering them early can help the cost of large scale repairs or roof replacement be avoided in the future.

Shingles and flashing are next on the checklist from the Akron roofing company. Before calling professionals to take a look, homeowners can take a look at their shingles and flashing on their own to determine if there is any obvious damage. Shingles become damaged over time due to storms, water buildup, improper installation, previous repairs, heat, poor ventilation and age. All of these conditions can lead to warped and ineffective shingles, and homeowners can identify such damage fairly easily, at which point they can call roofing professionals to handle any necessary repairs or replacements. A single missing shingle, something very easy to spot even without expert knowledge, can lead to water damage, mold and wood rot, which is why it is important to inspect them regularly. Roof flashing, which is meant to prevent water leaking into a home, is another important component of roofing, and checking it regularly could help a potential source of water damage be identified.

There are a number of steps anyone can take to identify damage to their roofs, and Craig Roofing’s blog post is a great source of information on this subject. It is usually easier and safer to have a professional handle the process of climbing up on a roof and inspecting it for damage, however. Craig Roofing offers free spring roof inspections, which anyone in their community can take advantage of in order to ensure their roof is in the best possible condition.

Craig Roofing is located in Akron, Ohio and serves the entire Northeast Ohio area. They are committed to offering exceptional family-oriented service at an affordable rate. The company says, “As homeowners start the process of choosing a trustworthy contractor to fulfill their home improvement needs, finding a contractor that communicates well and performs high-quality work is not always an easy endeavor. We built this company’s foundation based off of these principles, and our end goal is to change the way customers view contractors in general. We have worked with numerous customers who have had bad experiences with previous contractors and earned their trust with our superior project management, professionalism and high-quality workmanship. Nothing means more to us than gaining your trust, approval and recommendation. We take every job and customer personally, and we will serve you and treat your home with the same care and respect as we would our own families.”

Customers are encouraged to read some of the roof reviews left online to gain an idea of the company’s standards. Craig Roofing can also be reached directly for all inquiries.


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