Child Care Marketing Firm Explains the Process of Child Care Branding

Child Care SEO, a child care marketing firm based in Austin, TX, has explained the process of child care branding in a new blog post. A particular child care center's brand is its identity. The child care brand distinguishes the child care center from others by differentiating elements, such as the school's logo, the colors used, and the words combined to present the big idea of what the school represents. However, a child care brand is more than the school name and logo. It has to be consistent and is evident in all aspects of the business.

Colin MacLeod, owner of Child Care SEO, says, "Your brand is what sets you apart from the rest. Your services probably stay largely the same over the years, but a strong brand is both timeless and capable of constantly evolving. Your brand is your identity. It's how you define yourself through the use of differentiating elements. Your logo, colors, and words combine to create your one big idea. Building a brand is more than a school name and logo on a sign above your door. Your brand should be consistent. It should convey a harmonious message that you build into every aspect of your business. Child care branding doesn't have to be complicated. In the above-mentioned article, we show you how to derive your core branding step-by-step."

Magdalena & Colin MacLeod

According to the article by this child care marketing agency, there are five simple steps to be taken when creating a new brand. These are: deciding what the child care center or daycare is going to represent; choosing a particular name and tagline for the business; deciding on the design and feel to be conveyed by the brand; creating the child care center's logo; and applying the branding to everything that the school does.

Deciding on what the school will represent requires researching the kind of marketing to be done and the competition. Performing market research will provide the school with information on what the competition can do. This can be done by asking several questions about one's school and the competition. Questions about one's school include: age groups served; the ideal customer; the socio-economic bracket where one's customers belong; which age groups are sold out at present or the most popular; and more. Questions about competitors include: the "top-of-mind" competitors; the age groups they serve; whether they have availability or a waiting list; and their strengths and weaknesses.

The second step is determining the school name and tagline. A particular name for the school may have already been chosen, and it may not contain much information on what the school represents. The tagline is important because it tells the parents what the school wants to do.

The third step is selecting the child care brand's design and feel, which can be shown through the colors and font used. It is good to choose three to four key colors and then use these colors everywhere. At Child Care SEO, they have a system to speed up color palette selection for the school.

The fourth step is choosing a logo. It is a good idea to choose a logo that will look great in both color and monochrome. A landscape logo and a square logo will be needed. Child Care SEO recommends using an icon, the school name text, and the tagline in the logo. A square version of the logo is necessary for those instances when the landscape logo will not fit, such as on browser tabs.

And finally, it is essential to apply the school's branding everywhere. Thus, it should be kept in mind when designing brochures, flyers, newsletters, and the like.

Child Care SEO was established to help daycare centers and preschools increase their enrollment but have little or no experience in Internet marketing. Unlike other digital marketing agencies, they have decided to offer their services to preschools and daycares. This was likely because Magdalena and Colin MacLeod, the owners and founders Child Care SEO, are also involved in the child care industry, operating their schools for more than 13 years.

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