Breakthrough Cancer Treatment HEATT® Offers New Hope for Advanced Unresponsive Cancer Patients

Henderson, Nevada -

Verthermia® is currently providing Hyperthermic Extracorporeal Applied Tumor Therapy (HEATT®) as a proprietary procedure for advanced cancer treatment. HEATT® is for patients with advanced tumors who are unresponsive to conventional cancer treatments or as an alternative, naturopathic, or integrative oncology approach.

HEATT® does not require surgery, radiation, or drugs, so it is an attractive option for individuals looking to explore alternative cancer treatment methods.

"Our goal is to address patients with unresponsive advanced cancer,” explained Dr. Joseph (Jay) Zwischenberger, Chief Medical Officer, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, and Professor at the University of Kentucky. “Our innovative therapy is safe and potentially effective in this patient population."

HEATT® is a whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment uniquely using the veno-venous perfusion technique. HEATT® raises the core body temperature of the patient to 107.6° Fahrenheit (42° Celsius) to destroy, damage, or slow the growth of cancer cells. Basic science, as well as clinical studies, have shown this specific temperature creates a damaging environment for cancer cells but is tolerated by normal tissues.

During the HEATT® procedure, the bodily functions of the patient are closely monitored while undergoing a perfusion-induced elevated temperature for two hours. Dialysis controls electrolytes, blood sorbents remove inflammatory mediators, and pH is stabilized to maximize safety. Responsive tumors are stunned, damaged, or destroyed as the HEATT® process uses whole-body hyperthermia to damage the cell structure of cancer cells and potentially enhance the immune response.

Whole-body hyperthermia cancer treatment is a revolutionary way of fighting cancer. HEATT® is an innovative, safe, and well-tolerated therapy that has shown promising results in two phase one trials.

"Responsive advanced lung cancer patients that have failed chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy; with HEATT® therapy, are able to live considerably longer and have an improved quality of life,” said Dr. Zwischenberger.

HEATT® can also be effective for advanced ovarian, breast, colon, and other cancers, including those with metastasis, as a single therapy or as part of an integrated oncology treatment plan.

“After my tumor stopped responding to chemotherapy, I had a friend who mentioned HEATT treatment” says one cancer patient. “The process was straightforward, and I could get back to my daily activities quickly.”

Verthermia has developed and refined the technology and therapy of HEATT® for over twenty-five years and is now offering treatments at two locations, First Baptist Medical Center in Dallas, TX, and Hudson Regional Hospital in Secaucus, NJ.

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