Belmont Dental Introduces Affordable Denture Solutions for Perth Residents

Belmont Dental Surgery, an accredited dental practice located in Belmont, WA, has announced the introduction of affordable denture solutions for Perth residents. The practice is dedicated to restoring the smiles of those who have lost teeth with state-of-the-art technology and experienced dentists.

Dentures Perth are a removable dental appliance designed to replace missing teeth. They are made to closely resemble natural teeth and can greatly improve the appearance of a person's smile. Partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps of missing teeth, while full dentures replace all of the missing teeth.

"We understand that the cost of dentures can be a barrier for some people," said Dr. Kent Tan, a spokesperson for Belmont Dental Surgery. "We are excited to offer affordable denture solutions to Perth residents, so they can regain their confidence and improve their oral health."

Belmont Dental Surgery provides high-quality dentures at an affordable price point. The denture Perth WA is made up of a plastic or metal base that fits over the teeth, aesthetic dentures that sit on top of the plastic or metal base and rest on the gum line, and a removable lower (detachable section) is attached to a plastic or metal pins.

"Dentures require regular care and maintenance to keep them in good condition," said Dr. Tan. "Proper care and maintenance can help prolong dentures’ life and ensure that they continue to fit well."

Belmont Dental Surgery recommends cleaning dentures daily with a soft toothbrush and mild soap or denture cleaner, rinsing thoroughly after cleaning to remove any residue, and storing them in a clean, dry place when not being worn. Regular dental check-ups are also important to ensure that the dentures fit well and are not damaged.

The lifespan of dentures can range from five to ten years, but the average is around nine years. Factors that can impact the lifespan of dentures include how well they are fitted, how often they are cleaned and maintained, and whether or not there are any cavities or tartar build-ups.

"We are committed to providing the best dental care for our patients," said Dr. Tan. "We strive to create a friendly, relaxed environment that fosters good working relationships between our patients and our dentists. We are excited to offer affordable denture solutions to help restore the smiles of Perth residents."

Dentures in Perth is located at 171 Belmont Avenue,Belmont WA 6104, and can be reached by phone at (08) 9277 3837 or by email at


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