Baltimore Contractor Earns High Praise for a Recent Roof Replacement in Federal Hill

Baltimore, Maryland’s McHenry Roofing has established a solid reputation for doing quality work in many communities in its area. That includes the wide variety of roofing work that this company does in the Federal Hill area.

One must look no further to find evidence that McHenry Roofing is making an impression on its Federal Hill customers than a recent 5-star review that was left by Irma Crawford. She stated, “We had McHenry Roofing replace our roof a few months ago and they were very good. We talked with other roofers about the project but ultimately went with them because of their high level of expertise and professionalism. The customer service was excellent from start to finish, their estimate came back quickly, and they did a fantastic job at replacing our old roof. They are the best roofing company servicing Federal Hill in my opinion."

roof replacement in Federal Hill

As he always does, the company owner, Joseph Conley, took the time to reply to Ms. Crawford’s review by saying, “Thank you, Irma. We love providing roof repairs and roof replacements for our neighbors in Federal Hill. We appreciate being your new go-to roofing company in Federal Hill!”

The company owner went on to say that they are very proud to be considered one of the best roofing companies servicing Federal Hill. He gave much credit to his crews who take great pride in their workmanship and excel at customer service. They strive to give each customer one of the best experiences they have ever had with a contractor. The company owner stated that this is true whether they are replacing a few shingles or an entire roof covering. Conley added that it’s not surprising they earned a 5-star review on a roof replacement in Federal Hill because it happens to be one of their specialties. He stated that no roofing material will last forever, and sloped roof home and business owners can expect to replace their entire roof covering approximately every 15 to 20 years. Roof replacement may need to take place even sooner if a roof is improperly vented or repeatedly exposed to extreme conditions such as heavy pollution and severe weather.

The company owner says that all their whole roof replacement jobs start with a very thorough inspection. That way they can give a customer an accurate roof replacement estimate, and it helps them better plan the project so it will proceed along smoothly once it commences. He also mentioned that only the highest quality roofing materials are used on the new roof work that they perform, and they will completely stand by their work and make sure that any manufacturers' warranties are honored if necessary. Once the company’s crews have completed a roof replacement task, that home or business is then assured to have a roof that is 100% watertight again and looks great. The yard will also be thoroughly cleaned up and left in the same condition as when McHenry Roofing’s crews first arrived to do the job.

Conley also wanted to assure those row home and commercial building owners that have flat roofs that they have many roof repair solutions for them too. This includes doing leak repairs or adding a layer of advanced roof coatings on top of a flat roof. He stated that they are a properly licensed contractor that has all the necessary insurances in place to make their customers feel at ease when they are performing roof repair tasks for them. The company owner says that along with exceptional workmanship by their in-house roofing crews and quality materials a customer can expect free consultations, next-day estimates, on-site project management, the best warranties in the industry, and prompt and reliable service when working with them. Conley says that those in Federal Hill and elsewhere in the Baltimore area who are interested only in local roof replacements can contact them by phone, email, or by using the form that’s found on their website.


For more information about McHenry Roofing, contact the company here:

McHenry Roofing
Joseph Conley
(410) 774-6609
215 E Cross St, Baltimore, MD 21230