Auckland, New Zealand Based Video Marketing Agency Marketer Dude TV Discusses Order Bumps Vs Upsells

Marketer Dude TV, an Auckland-based company that specializes in online video marketing, is revealing the difference between order bumps and upsells and which one is the best to maximize the value per customer.

While upsells happen after a buyer has already checked out and paid for a product, order bumps are used to add value or increase the size of the order before they make the payment. Order bumps work best when they offer a continuation or upgrade of the current product being purchased. Upsells, on the other hand, offer something that complements the original product or service.

The company’s spokesperson explains what an order bump can be by saying, “If you are selling software, the order bump might be an extended license, a set of instructional videos, or private label rights that help buyers get more value out of their purchase. In this example, the upsell can be another software product that works in tandem to cover a wider range of use cases. So, if you are selling a course on driving traffic to Facebook, an upsell can be another course on driving traffic to TikTok or Instagram.”

Retailers use order bumps all the time to increase the size of their average order. Since getting the sale is the most difficult part of marketing, getting buyers to upgrade the order is relatively easier. With order bumps, customers have already decided to buy from the company, and paying for the additional upgrade simply reaffirms their commitment to that decision.

The spokesperson adds, “Order bumps are very effective because once the customer has agonized themselves on whether to make the purchase, the resistance disappears, and they jump at the opportunity to reaffirm that they have made the right decision. As a business, you can use order bumps to personalize an order and even benefit from the impulsiveness that most buyers have.”

The blog post from Marketer Dude TV then goes on to list ten different types of order bumps that online businesses and retailers can take inspiration from. This includes the same content in an additional, different format, related accessories, personal assistance, membership for an exclusive community or access to accountability partners, expedited shipping, auto-delivery, maintenance or support, entry into a preferred members group, upgrades, and bulk discounts.

The spokesperson summarizes some of the techniques that can make order bumps more appealing by saying, “Craft a clear and concise short headline that grabs your customer’s attention and conveys the value of the upgrade. Moreover, the order bump can be placed in a box outlined with a bright contrasting color such as red or orange. You can even have the customers manually tick a checkbox to fortify their intention. Consider placing a relevant image next to the order bump to make sure it can’t be missed. Finally, to make it seem like a natural part of the ordering process, place the order bump box in line with the order form itself. For more information, check out the article on our website.”

Marketer Dude TV has been helping its clients sell products and services online since 1998. CEO Mike James began his digital marketing journey with Telecom Xtra, opening one of New Zealand’s first online shopping sites. To date, the company has completed over 246,789 transactions and made over 987,549 individual sales. It works with clients from countries all over the world including New Zealand, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, and more.

The company creates videos to help all kinds of businesses grab their target audience’s attention. It specializes in making testimonial marketing videos that make great use of a business’s positive reviews and converts them into videos that add authenticity and increase engagement. The company’s video budgets start from just $497 for a one-off 60-second testimonial-style video to $3997 for a 12-video series that can be posted each month for driving consistent traffic.

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