Arlington Insulation Contractors Provide Spray Foam Insulation to Significantly Boost Energy Efficiency

iFoam of Arlington, a company based in Chantilly, VA, is offering spray foam insulation in Arlington and neighboring areas to help homeowners significantly increase energy efficiency and save on their energy bills. The company’s team of insulation professionals are all well-experienced and knowledgeable in the installation of spray foam insulation, which can boost the energy of the home or building by up to 30 percent due to its capability to prevent air infiltration. Those who are interested in getting more information regarding the company and its services can visit company website.

A spokesperson for iFoam of Arlington says, “Spray foam insulation has the power to improve energy efficiency by up to 30 percent because of its ability to combat air infiltration. While this can mean savings for your home or business, it can also help with seasonal allergies, indoor air quality, and reduced mold. However, the efficacy of your insulation is largely dependent on the capabilities of the installers. Making mistakes during installation can reduce the benefits you receive, which is why it’s always best to hire a professional.”

iFoam of Arlington’s team of experienced insulation professionals are committed to providing the best-quality spray foam insulation services that can meet specific needs and budgets. iFoam has been in the business of providing quality insulation for 10 years and have already provided insulation services to several satisfied clients in the Arlington area.

They offer a range of services, such as air sealing, blown in attic insulation, residential retrofit, and insulation removal. They also provide a range of spray foam insulation installation services, including crawl space insulation, new construction, attic insulation, and more. They will also take the time to explain to the client all of the available alternatives to ensure they can make an informed decision on which product or service to use.

Spray foam insulation is a type insulation and air barrier material that is used to seal cavities in the wallls, ceiling, and floors to prevent air movement. This also includes the spaces around light fixtures and electrical outlets, and also where the walls meet doors and windows. Spray foam insulation is originally in liquid form as it is sprayed into an open cavity, such as crawl spaces, attics, new construction, and rim joists. Spray foam insulation can be installed wherever there is a space that is open and can be accessed. It will never lose its shape and in contrast to the conventional insulation materials, it fills gaps, cracks, and crevices with insulation, thus providing a tight seal that prevents air infiltration.

Air sealing the home prevents air leaks, which means the air conditioner or furnace won’t have to exert as much effort to maintain the desired room temperature, thus providing savings on energy bills. This also prevents condensation on walls since the outside air is effectively separated from the indoor air.

Meanwhile, they can also provide blown-in insulation, which is installed using an advanced blower technology that applies the insulation materials to the target area while offering consistent thickness throughout. The materials that may be used in blown-in insulation are fiberglass, mineral wool, and cellulose. The most popular material is fiberglass, which is made from 40 to 60 percent of recycled glass. Mineral wool, which is made from slag or rock recycled from industrial operations, is not as popular and is actually losing adherents. Cellulose, which is usually made from recycled newsprint, tends to be dusty during installation.

iFoam of Arlington is owned by Brian Handy, who was an engineer and leader in one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and is excited to bring the iFoam insulation services to the Maryland and Northern Virginia area. He is excited to help his community in providing the best possible insulation for their homes while also providing jobs for the people in the area. Brian is a life-long resident of the area, was born and raised in Maryland, and moved to Northern Virginia six years ago. Their service area includes: Arlington, Chantilly, Alexandria, Annandale, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, McLean, Oakton, Reston, Tysons, and Vienna, all in Virginia.

Those who would are interested in the insulation services offered in Arlington and nearby areas can visit web site of iFoam of Arlington or contact them on the phone.


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