American Families Receive Breast Pumps Covered By Insurance

Bloomington, IL based Insurance Covered Breast Pumps is reaching out to help their community obtain breast pumps through insurance. With recent shortages in the market making it difficult for many families to feed their little ones, the organization is recommitting themselves to help mothers pursue every available avenue to make up for this shortfall.

Breast pumps may seem to be a luxury for some, but the truth is many families will find them to be indispensable devices that serve to reduce feeding issues, give mothers more room to take care of themselves and generally improve the condition of everyone in a given household. As such, making sure as many families as possible are able to afford a breast pump is vitally important, and Insurance Covered Breast Pumps is proud to make this their mission.

As a full service online breast pump provider that is Joint Commission accredited, the company makes customer service a key aspect of their services. Since families in need of breast pumps are likely to be dealing with other issues, the team understands that care and consideration is needed at all times to prevent the parents they work with from having to take on any undue stress. Insurance Covered Breast Pumps exists to make it easier for families to get their hands on breast pumps through their insurance provider, and making this process less stressful is one of their main objectives.

“We take pride in supporting mothers through the Affordable Care Act (ACA),” the company states, “which requires health plans to cover breastfeeding support and supplies. We try to ensure that mothers get the best quality breast pumps and supplies with little or no out of pocket cost.”

It would be impossible to achieve this without partners that hold similar priorities, so Insurance Covered Breast Pumps has forged relationships with as many commercial insurance companies as they could reach out to. Many insurance providers, they are pleased to report, already make accommodations for various types of breast pumps depending on the insurance plan in question, and Insurance Covered Breast Pumps is ready to help everyone in their community both discover which products are covered as well as choose the right one for their family’s needs.

Where necessary, the team also contacts the insurance provider directly to coordinate on behalf of the family in question, determining which benefits for the insurance covered breast pump are applicable and going so far as to file an insurance claim on their behalf. The company will also help the family meet all the insurer’s requirements. If, for instance, a prescription is required to file a claim, the company will reach out to the family’s doctor and discuss what needs to be done to receive one. If all else fails and it ultimately turns out that the insurer in question does not cover breast pumps (even in part), the company will still provide assistance with locating an affordable option.

A Google review from S. Mehta offers a great deal of insight into one way a family might discover they need a breast pump and then come across the company’s services. The review says, “When I started looking into breast pump I was seeing advertisements for Aeroflow everywhere so it was my first choice. I filled in my insurance information, and I was approved. A sales representative called me to help me with my choices. I knew I wanted to get a Spectra S1. Aeroflow told me that they do not really make much profit on S1 so I have to buy the bundle for $135 (with my insurance). I could get the S2 bundle for $29.99 (with insurance). Now breast pumps are covered by insurance by law so I decided to call around.”

The review continues, “I found this company called ‘Insurance Covered Breast Pumps.’ I filled in the paperwork, and I received an email that I was qualified. I entered S1 as my choice, and it showed up as 100% covered. I selected the option, they emailed me another form, and within 2 days I had the Spectra S1 at no cost to me. Wonderful, no-hassle website. Very smooth process. I highly recommend this website.”

The official Insurance Covered Breast Pumps website provides an easy interface that allows families to quickly get in touch with one of their experts. More information on their services can be found here as well.


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