43Vision: How Long Does Lens Replacement Take?

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Oklahoma City, OK based 43Vision has released an article that explains how long a lens replacement may take. Over the years, the clinic has seen countless patients undertake such procedures, and their insight can help people better understand what to expect. The article can be found here: How Long Does Lens Replacement Take.

43Vision says it is important for patients to understand what they may expect during their procedure. While it is recommended by their team specifically as a result of its high rate of success and safety, knowing what an appointment entails can help minimize a patient’s distress on the day of their procedure. This, in turn, can aid in their recovery and make it easier for them to acclimatize themselves to the replacement.

The article says, “The dysfunctional natural lens of the eye is replaced during lens replacement surgery with a transparent, high-tech, intraocular lens to provide vision correction that can truly be life-changing. For most people, it can grant freedom from glasses, including reading glasses, as well as freedom from contact lenses. 43Vision specializes in lens replacement because it can provide spectacle independence, can prevent patients from developing cataracts and is one of the safest medical procedures. Custom Lens Replacement (CLR) surgery is our top recommendation for vision correction.”

According to the clinic, the procedure itself takes very little time to complete, but patients should be aware that their lens replacement may practically take longer if they account for time spent in consultations and recovery. To begin with, a patient cannot expect to walk into an initial consultation and be cleared to have the procedure immediately after. The article says that each patient is assessed thoroughly to ensure they are an ideal candidate for this procedure (if not, another may be recommended). This includes a comprehensive eye examination to establish the patient's baseline, assess the overall health of the eye and so on.

Patients are also informed about the various artificial lenses on offer, though their eye surgeon is likely to recommend a specific lens that suits each patient’s needs best. At this stage, the patient may raise any concerns they have regarding the lens or the surgery itself. A follow-up appointment may be scheduled for the procedure following this stage.

“On the day of your custom lens replacement procedure,” the article says, “the natural dysfunctional lens of the eye is first removed during the process and then exchanged for an upgraded, customized lens. Usually, both eyes are treated on the same day, and patients often note a noticeable improvement in their vision over the next several days. Custom lens replacement aims to provide a comprehensive spectrum of high-quality vision at distance and near without glasses and prevent the need for future cataract surgery. The actual procedure typically takes just a few minutes to complete.”

Overall, the clinic says patients should plan to spend around two or three hours at the office on the day of their eye surgery. This is true regardless of whether they are having lens replacement surgery, cataract surgery or laser eye surgery — and it accounts for time spent in registration, surgical preparation, surgery and even the period immediately post-procedure in which the clinic keeps an eye on the patient to ensure all is well.

43Vision says it is best for patients to go straight home after their procedure (with the help of a trusted friend or family member as they may have blurred vision for some time) and rest for a few hours. On the next day, they will have a follow-up session with their surgeon to see how their vision is improving. Some other restrictions may apply depending on the patient’s individual needs, but this is generally what they can expect.

43Vision offers many other details in their article, including a full breakdown of a typical patient’s schedule on the day of surgery (once they arrive at the office). For further details and clarifications, patients are also welcome to contact the clinic directly and schedule an appointment. 43Vision and their staff will be pleased to help in any way they can.


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