2nd Chance Investment Group Actively Helps Homeowners in Distress to Stop Foreclosure

Ontario, California -

2nd Chance Investment Group, a company based in Ontario, CA, wants to announce that they are actively helping homeowners who are in distress and are in danger of foreclosure. This will help the homeowners avoid getting misled by people who are falsely offering a foreclosure rescue scheme, preying on those who are in default and offering to help pay off the homeowner’s arrears in the payments for home financing and thus allow the homeowner to stay in the property. Instead of helping the homeowners avoid foreclosure, such a scheme will have a number of negative effects on the homeowners with the ultimate result of the homeowners losing more money and ultimately being forced out of their home.

Investors, such as 2nd Chance Investment Group, can help distressed homeowners avoid such foreclosure rescue schemes by offering to buy foreclosure properties in California. More about this can be gleaned from their blog post at https://www.homebuyerca.com/blog/buying-foreclosure-properties-in-california/.

stop foreclosure

2nd Chance Investment Group offers to buy homes for cash in California from homeowners who want to sell their property quickly, for instance, those who are at risk of foreclosure. Homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure can easily be victimized by unscrupulous people whose only intention is to profit by taking advantage of the plight of these homeowners. 2nd Chance intends to change that by offering honest and fair solutions for them.

In fact, 2nd Chance Investment Group can help those who are suffering from various kinds of situations, such as: people in the process of divorce and want a quick but fair sale of their home; people who are behind their monthly payments and want to avoid foreclosure; those who have liens against their home; those who have “tenants from hell” living in their property; those whose homes require a lot of repair before becoming livable again; and those who need to relocate and want to sell their house quickly. Those who are interested in selling their house quickly and for cash can visit the 2nd Chance Investment Group website at https://www.homebuyerca.com/

Ray Foster, CEO of 2nd Chance Investment Group, says, “You can make an appointment when you call so that we can view your house. We strive to be on the premises within 24 hours of your call, regardless of where you live. We tour the property when it works best for you and provide you with an offer in 24 hours or less! Imagine an offer on your house within 48 hours of right now. Call us today to see if direct sales are the right choice for you. You’re not obligated, and we won’t hassle you.”

They are able to buy a home quickly because they are paying in cash and don’t have to wait for a bank’s approval. This is drastically different from the conventional way of selling a home with the help of a realtor. After days or weeks of waiting for a potential buyer, a bank approval will usually be needed before the transaction can be completed because the buyer will likely require some home financing. There is also a possibility of the deal falling through, especially when the buyer fails to get the bank approval. With the 2nd Chance Investment Group offer, there is no chance of the offer falling through and the seller can have peace of mind.

Launched in 2015, 2nd Chance Investment Group is a team of motivated investors who want to help people sell their houses as fast as possible for whatever reason. They are proud to offer the best in customer service and in making sure that the process is as simple and as fast as possible for the homeowners. They are based in the Inland Empire of Southern California and they are buying properties in San Diego and throughout the entire state of California.

Homeowners who are interested in selling their home fast can visit the 2nd Chance Investment Group website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are open 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday, and from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays. Those who want to know their exact location and other important information regarding the company can visit their Google Maps page at https://maps.google.com/maps?cid=12103496308788110848&hl=en&_ga=2.194203051.704309675.1651584053-1789659247.1649088295.


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