The Explosive Growth of Mercury Auto Transport in 2021

Motor vehicles remain the primary mode of transportation and freight forwarding in the US and worldwide. In fact, even at the height of the pandemic in 2021, about 14.92 million light trucks and automobiles were delivered to customers throughout the US. Now that the federal and state governments have lifted pandemic restrictions, the motor transport industry is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

This leads stakeholders to ponder who will be the major players in the industry. If the performance in the previous years is indicative of future growth, Mercury Auto Transport will continue to grab hold of the limelight.

According to the company's 2021 financial report, total sales reached more than $27 million from the 30,000 vehicle shipments it commissioned across the country. Maintaining its 25% year-on-year growth since 2018.

Mercury Auto Transport CEO and Founder Matthew Sandomir credits the company's inevitable success to its commitment to excellent customer service. Sandomir's collective experience working in restaurants and car shipping companies and seeing the impact of exceptional service on any business's growth has brought him to the conclusion that it is the best recipe for success.

His experiences in car shipping companies enabled him to identify significant gaps in the business flow process. Apparently, most companies were terrible at communicating with customers and managing expectations. There was a severe issue in transparency.

This realization pushed him to create his own auto transport services company, where communication and transparency became the unique selling propositions. Unsurprisingly, many auto shipping customers were quick to transition to Mercury Auto Transport, which ultimately led to its rapid growth over the past four years.

Mercury Auto Transport designed its business model in such a way that customers are fully aware of the process flow, including pricing, insurance, and all things in-between, from commissioning to service delivery. While the company is reaping the benefits of this approach, it wasn't always easy. "This became quite a challenge since Mercury was up against an onslaught of companies that were willing to do and say anything to earn business. Eventually, Mercury found its voice, and customers were sharing their smooth experience with us," shares Sandomir.

While this business model is crucial for repeat customers and business, Sandomir also highlights the importance of automating the company's processes. Automation played a significant role in expanding their reach to more customers daily and streamlining the business.

Mercury Auto Transport started in Sandomir's dining room in 2007. He quickly grew from a team of 12 to now 50, offering various services such as open auto transport, pickup truck transport, enclosed auto transport, flatbed auto transport, ATV transport, classic and exotic car shipping, limousine transport, motorcycle transport, and recreational vehicle transport available across the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.

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