Struggling to find a soulmate? Demi Paterson, a relationship expert and author, has written a new book to help you find 'The One'

There are many reasons why people struggle to find partners. For some, it is simply because they have not yet found someone who meets their standards. Others may find it difficult to meet potential partners because of their shyness or anxiety. There are those who may also struggle to find partners because they have a limited social circle.

Whatever the reason, finding a partner can be a challenge for many.

Reasons why finding a partner can be difficult, according to relationship expert and author Demi Paterson:

1. Lack of confidence

Lacking confidence hinders proper communication, which can lead to the failure of sparking meaningful connections. They might be concerned with their appearance, what they will say, or whether they will be accepted. It might be challenging to approach prospective partners and strike up a conversation as a result.

2. Fear of rejection

Many people find it difficult to find partners because they are afraid of being turned down, which is related to the point made above. They might be afraid of rejection because of unpleasant past experiences or for no other reason than a hit on their self-esteem. They may be unable to take the necessary action to find a partner because of this fear.

3. Social anxiety

Another common reason why people have trouble finding partners is social anxiety. They might experience anxiety when meeting new people or worry about how to behave around the people they like. Due to this, it may be challenging for them to network and establish connections with people who might make good partners.

4. Unrealistic expectations

Having unrealistic expectations can also make it difficult to find a partner. People may expect their partner to be perfect, or they may expect the relationship to progress faster than it realistically could. This can set people up for disappointment and make it harder to find a partner who meets their needs.

5. Not knowing where to look

Another common reason why people have difficulty finding partners is that they don't go to the right spots. They may not know how to meet new people, or they may not frequent places where they are likely to meet potential partners. This can make it difficult to expand their social circle and find someone to date.

'The One' teaches how to find a partner

In her new book, titled, 'The One - How to Meet and Choose Your Ideal Partner,' Demi Paterson aims to help people find a suitable partner.

"This book is for single women who are having difficulty finding the proper companion. If you're in a decent relationship but don't feel like you're progressing with your spouse, this book is for you. If you are in an uncomfortable relationship but do not feel equipped to leave, this book is for you," she elaborated.

The book was also written to help men, dating sites, dating coaches, dating companies, and other professionals find all of the proper answers in life and love.

Paterson's 'The One' earned remarkable reviews from readers and clients alike. Some of them include:

"A remarkable and easy read, combining practical advice, scientific principles, and the author's own life experience. If you are looking for answers, 'The One,' this book is for you." - Ricky Probst (BA, Grad- DipPsych, C.Dec) Mental Health Clinician Sunshine Body Balancing

"Demi draws generously from her own life experience, both personal and professional, to give us this smart, witty, and relatable read," says Dr. Jennifer Wilson, MBBS, BMedSc.

About the author

In addition to being an author, Demi Paterson is an international speaker, certified trainer, and performance coach. She is also the President and CEO of Confident, Happy Women.

Demi is also in charge of training and delivery of services to people with mental health concerns, especially trauma, at Skills For Independent Living. Her ultimate goal is to empower others to reach their full potential and discover the secret to true happiness.

'The One - How to Meet and Choose Your Ideal Partner' by Demi Paterson is currently available for pre-order and is due to be released by the end of August 2022.

Demi Paterson

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